About Us

About Us

2050, OOO is an integrator company. We deploy new digital technologies at Locomotive Technologies and Transmashholding. We are happy to share our experience with comprehensive digitalization projects. We do our best to become a leader in the area of modern industrial digital solutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make digital technology and Industry 4.0 based solutions available to every manufacturing facility manager and owner.   

2050 Company develops advanced digital competences and offers world class solutions to increase operational efficiency and business management quality through end-to-end data management: from data acquisition points to creating digital twins, and comprehensive analytics.  

Collaborating with our partners, we develop and deploy advanced technologies to improve competitiveness, and open up new growth and development opportunities. As to competence development, we find and invest into startup businesses and promising projects in digital technology, data acquisition and processing, optimization and artificial intelligence. 

Company Management 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Alexey Belinsky&nbsp;</span>
Alexey Belinsky 

An expert in railway engineering, traction rolling stock maintenance, introduction of modern innovative technologies at large manufacturing companies. Alexey Belinsky has been holding senior positions in railway engineering, mining, metallurgy, financial and strategic consulting, and corporate finance for over 17 years. Chairperson, Vehicles and Components Committee; member, General Council, Business Russia public organization. In 2016, he was ranked 9th on the TOP-1000 Russian Manufacturing Managers, a prestigious ranking by the Association of Managers and Kommersant PH.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Dmitry Gimmelberg</span><br>
Dmitry Gimmelberg


Dmitry Gimmelberg has been holding senior positions in automotive, investment, gambling, retail sales and defense industries, including CFO, X5 Retail Group; Deputy CEO, LocoTech, OOO; CEO, Military Industrial Company, OOO; Vice President, Invest AG; Vice President, Ritzio Entertainment Group for over 25 years. He has developed technology startups.

Our Team
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ruslan Zhavoronkov</span><br>
Ruslan Zhavoronkov

Head of Manufacturing Digitalization

Ruslan has worked for SIEMENS Software, Russian and international IT and consulting companies and in the Russian manufacturing industry as the head for digital production planning technologies and industrial automation 

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Elena Vasilieva&nbsp;</span>
Elena Vasilieva 

Head of Industry 4.0

Elena has worked for ALSTOM, GE, Danone (France). She has deployed Industry 4.0 technologies and developed high tech products. She has also in the United States and Canada developing and accelerating technology startups

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Alexander Reshetnikov</span><br>
Alexander Reshetnikov

Head of IIOT

Alexander has worked for RUSAGRO Group introducing Industry 4.0 technologies. He has also worked for Luxoft, Oracle, Sitronics developing and integrating business solutions for computer-aided manufacturing process management systems

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ruslan Emirbekov</span><br>
Ruslan Emirbekov

Head of Industry 4.0 Product Development

Ruslan has worked for Sitronics, AFK Sistema, NVision Group, and T-ONE Group developing and deploying innovative technologies for asset monitoring

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Dmitry Kasichin</span><br>
Dmitry Kasichin

Head of IT Integration

Dmitry has worked for the Rocket and Space Corporation and other space companies developing a unified PLM technology for the industry, introducing EAM systems and integrating the reference databases with ERP, PLM, MES, SCADA systems

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Alexander Komarov</span><br>
Alexander Komarov

Project Manager for MES Deployment

Alexander has worked for Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Heineken. He has deployed MES and integrated it into other IT systems at manufacturing and FMCG companies. He is highly experienced in product development, infrastructure and logistics IT project management.