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 to implement pilot and mature Industry 4.0 solutions

for Transmashholding, AO


Priority Areas for Industry 4.0

Personnel Monitoring

Technology for manufacturing personnel tracking and monitoring, better training (motion tracking), reducing stress, etc

Big Data

Data acquisition, storage, analytics with artificial intelligence elements and machine learning tools

RTLS Technologies

Indoors and Outdoors Geolocation

Industrial Internet of Things

Customized Industrial Internet of Things solutions including manufacturing/logistics items connectivity

Simulation Technologies

Simulating the behavior of products / processes / services / systems

Computer Vision (CV)

Industrial vision (photo / laser) for typical operations including assembly, quality control, training, etc.

Additive Technologies

3D printing, Composite Materials

Augmented Reality

For typical operations including assembly, quality control, training, etc          

Virtual Reality (VR)

Support for Learning


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