TVZ Digital Factory Project Is Launched

On June 29, 2018 the parties agreed to launch the TVZ Digital Factory Project. The project will identify the scope of digitization, applicable Industry 4.0 solutions, and develop a road map for comprehensive TVZ digitization.

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Partnership with ATOS



On July 5, 2018 a partnership agreement with ATOS to launch a pilot Mindsphere IIoT platform project within ТМH was executed. 

ATOS is a world leader in digital transformation employing about 100,000 people in 72 countries. Its annual revenue is about € 12 bln. The company is an expert in Big Data, cybersecurity, high performance computing and digital workstation. It provides cloud service infrastructure, data management services, and platform solutions. 

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2050 Company at the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS-2018)



  On May 17, 2018 2050 Company, OOO supported by the IEEE attended the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS-2018). 

 Ruslan Zhavoronkov, Head of Manufacturing Digitalization, made a presentation called End-to-End (E2E) Digitization of Existing Machinery Production in Russia. The speech was about the relevant issues of production digitization at manufacturing companies. The first part covered the transition to end-to-end digitalization, and evaluation of digitization scopes for each of the following areas: digital twins, AI, IIoT, integration with IT, and the digitalization of manufacturing operations. Some case studies of such evaluations were presented. The second part was about the creation of production digital twins and complex algorithms developed jointly with ITMO University. 

 On behalf of 2050 Company Ruslan Zhavoronkov assured the audience that the key factors for a successful digitalization of production were as follows: 

  •  availability of a digitalization scope evaluation procedure 
  •  a portfolio of successful applicable solutions 
  •  cooperation with the largest I4.0 solution vendors 
  •  an expert team with expertise in I4.0 solution deployment. 

 Mr. Zhavoronkov emphasized that the TMX, AO and 2050 Company were an innovative platform for testing and implementing digital technologies at one of the largest manufacturing holdings.  

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Smart Welding TechnoChallenge Results



   On April, 28 2018, ITMO University hosted the Smart Welding Techno Challenge contest of technology ideas organized by the School of Control Systems and Robotics, the Cyberphysical Systems Lab, ITMO University, assisted by 2050 Company and PK NEVZ, OOO (Transmashholding, OAO.) 

 The event essence is finding solutions and concepts for developing a hardware and software solution to position parts for assembling a welded locomotive frame, for part marking and mounting accuracy control. Since a COTS technology for this is not Available, it was proposed as an engineering challenge and a joint project with ITMO University, one of the best specialized Russian universities. 

 ITMO University is on the TOP 100 list of the global best IT universities in the Times Higher Education of Computer Science ranking. The University has some one-of-a-kind research and educational facilities for IT and photonics. 

 Several graduate and doctorate student teams were invited. More than 20 people joined the two-stage contest. At the first stage, the teams presented their ideas and solution concepts. The most promising proposals went on to the second stage. The experts from PK NEVZ, OOO Individually discussed the pros and cons of each proposal. After brainstorming, the teams presented their improved concepts. 

 The Winner was the New Ways team. The second winner was to the SKB team, and the third one was the VT team. The winners received prize certificates and an offer to join the NEVZ Digital Factory project to implement the two potentially applicable concepts proposed by the I and II winner teams.   

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Smart Welding


   On April, 28 the ITMO University will host TechnoChallenge Smart Welding intended for experts, graduate and doctorate students. The contest is about is finding solutions and concepts for developing a hardware and software solution to position parts for assembling a welded locomotive frame, for part marking and mounting accuracy control. 

 The event format: a draft project presentation covering the concept and implementation proposal. 

 The requirements specification is available at: 

 To register, navigate to: 

 The application deadline is April 26 inclusive. The number of contesters is limited. 

 Event agenda: 

  • 10:00-10:30 Registration 
  • 10:30-11:00 Opening address by the organizers; detailed problem statement 
  • 11:00-14:00 Team presentations (10 minutes each) 
  • 14:00-14:30 Selecting the best projects (6 teams) 
  • 14:30-15:00 Lunch 
  • 15:00-16:00 Interaction with experts, project review and refinement 
  • 16:00-17:00 Team presentations (5 minutes each) 
  • 17:00-17:30 Selecting and announcing the winners. Awarding ceremony. 

 The contesters will enjoy exiting projects and exchange of ideas. The teams will demonstrate their achievements and ways to turn concepts into prototypes: from functional diagrams to turnkey solutions. The expert panel will provide a feedback to the contesters. 

 The winning teams will receive cash prizes: 

  • 1st place: RUB 200,000 
  • 2nd place: RUB 100,000 
  • 3rd place: RUB 50,000 

 The winners will have the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement with 2050 Company to implement their concepts. 

 TechnoChallenge will be hosted by ITMO University in St. Petersburg at 9, Lomonosova St., Room 1122

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2050 Company and ITMO University Partnership


       2050 Company and the ITMO University have reached an agreement on the ITMO expert involvement with the digital transformation project at PK NEVZ, OOO, a Transmashholding, AO company. Our short-term plans: 

 1. April 28, 2018: joint hosting of the TechnoChallenge APRIL engineering project contest. The contest will be held in St. Petersburg at the ITMO University. Teams from the Russian top research and educational institutions will enter the contest. 

 2. Development of advanced production planning and optimization algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project begins on April 16, 2018. 

 3. A joint speech at the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (May 15-18, 2018). 

 It is expected that at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (May 24-26, 2018) the Transmashholding, AO top managements will meet the ITMO management, and a lecture for students on the significance of digitalization for Russian industry will be delivered. 

 Aleksey Sapunkov, General Director, PK NEVZ, OOO: "We welcome the beginning of cooperation with one of the leading Russian universities. Under the Transmashholding management decision we are implementing the digital transformation project for our facility. It is extremely important to introduce best practices, domestic R&D, and applied digital technologies.” 

 Vladimir Nikiforov, Vice Rector for Research, ITMO University: "The ITMO University, as one of the largest national research and educational centers, is definitely interested in actual implementation of its R&D, especially at the domestic industry leader and a modern high-tech product manufacturer. We are looking forward for mutually advantageous and long-term cooperation." 

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