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Smart Welding TechnoChallenge Results



   On April, 28 2018, ITMO University hosted the Smart Welding Techno Challenge contest of technology ideas organized by the School of Control Systems and Robotics, the Cyberphysical Systems Lab, ITMO University, assisted by 2050 Company and PK NEVZ, OOO (Transmashholding, OAO.) 

 The event essence is finding solutions and concepts for developing a hardware and software solution to position parts for assembling a welded locomotive frame, for part marking and mounting accuracy control. Since a COTS technology for this is not Available, it was proposed as an engineering challenge and a joint project with ITMO University, one of the best specialized Russian universities. 

 ITMO University is on the TOP 100 list of the global best IT universities in the Times Higher Education of Computer Science ranking. The University has some one-of-a-kind research and educational facilities for IT and photonics. 

 Several graduate and doctorate student teams were invited. More than 20 people joined the two-stage contest. At the first stage, the teams presented their ideas and solution concepts. The most promising proposals went on to the second stage. The experts from PK NEVZ, OOO Individually discussed the pros and cons of each proposal. After brainstorming, the teams presented their improved concepts. 

 The Winner was the New Ways team. The second winner was to the SKB team, and the third one was the VT team. The winners received prize certificates and an offer to join the NEVZ Digital Factory project to implement the two potentially applicable concepts proposed by the I and II winner teams.